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Release Quiz Details Later

How do I show quiz details after everyone has taken the quiz?

When setting up a quiz, you have several options to display questions and/or responses, once the student has made a submission. These options are found in the Submission View tab, after clicking on the title of the quiz. Quiz questions and/or responses can be released immediately after the student submits or they can be setup to become available after the quiz has ended, and all students or the majority have taken the quiz. If you display the responses immediately, this information will only remain available until the end date on the exam, unless you have added a Submissions View – Add Additional View - to release it later (for viewing only).

Best Practice – Submission Views

  1. Click on the title of the quiz/exam
  2. Locate the Submission Views tab
  3. Click on Default View link
  4. "Show Questions?" would be either "No" or "Show questions answered incorrectly"
  5. Save View
  6. On the same tab, Submission Views, click on "Add Additional View"
  7. Enter a name – "Release Quiz Details Later" or any descriptive title for this view.
  8. Select the date & time that you would like the details to become available to students.
  9. Select Yes to "Show Questions?"
  10. Select "Show questions answered incorrectly"

If you select "Show all questions with user responses", keep in mind that these could be copied, and distributed. If the quiz has a large collection of questions, they are randomly distributed, and you change your quiz collections often, this will reduce this possibility, but it's still a window.

Published: 06/21/2010    Updated: 06/21/2010