Frequently Asked Questions

Adding MP3 Files

How can you add MP3 files that will play without downloading software

There are several ways to add MP3 files to D2L course sites. 

Embedding the file will allow students to play it back in D2L, and without downloading the file first.

In the Content Area,

  1. Click on New Topic
  2. Create a New file
  3. Select a Parent Module or click "add module"
  4. Title the file
  5. Skip the File Name box, and let the file name default.
  6. Click in the text box editor, and select the "Advanced" tab
  7. Select the icon that has a play, pause, fast forward symbol, and is labeled "insert object" when you hover over it.
  8. Click on Upload Object
  9. It should display an Object Type dropdown box, select MP3.
  10. Click on browse, and select the MP3 file.
  11. Click on Insert & click on Save.
  12. Click on Save.
  13. Click on Manage Content, and test the new topic link.

Published: 07/20/2010    Updated: 07/20/2010