Frequently Asked Questions

Course or Section Combines

Can we combine courses?

It is possible to do a course mapping which will combine multiple courses or sections into one, including the student enrollment. This should be done prior to uploading your content. This process will update enrollment as changes are made, even through the add/drop period. If you are interested in this, send an email to Suzanne Murphy ( with the names/numbers of the courses or sections that you would like combined.

If you have already added content to the courses, you will need to combine the courses by adding the participants to one course and make only that course active.

  • Enter the Classlist of the section you want to make the "master" section
  • Add Participants (using your WebAdvisor roster for the other section or course)
  • Add Existing User
  • Type the student's last name & click the Search button
  • Select the student by placing a check in front of their name, and selecting the Student Role

Published: 08/26/2010    Updated: 06/15/2011