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FAQ Answer

Quiz Attempt Score Not Matching Score in Grade Area

Why doesn't the quiz attempt score match the score in gradebook?

If the number of points that a quiz is worth is modified, after it has been taken by a student, the original score may have already been transferred to the grade book.  This is dependent on a setting in the quiz.  You can update the grade book with the score using the following steps: 

  • Access the Quiz area
  • Click on the ruler icon associated with the quiz
  • Click on the icon next to the "G"
  • This should remove all the checks from the this column. 
  • Click on the Update button.
  • Click on the icon next to the "G" again, and click on the Update button. 
  • Enter the Grade area, and you should see that the correct score has transferred.


Published: 09/03/2010    Updated: 09/03/2010