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System Widget - User Links vs. Cutomized Widget for Course Links

I want to create/install a Widget on my course homepage that contains links to useful websites

The system widget called "User Links" allows a user to have access to their favorite links. It cannot be customized by course, per D2L. This widget will display the same links no matter what course you access. However, if you would like a useful widget for your course, you can create a customized widget (area on your course home), and add Quicklinks to websites.

  1. Edit Course
  2. Click on Widgets
  3. Click on New Widget
  4. Type a Name for the Widget - Course Links
  5. Save
  6. Edit Course
  7. Click on HomePages
  8. Copy the Course Default (homepage) by clicking on the icon that represents two pages in the Actions area.
  9. Select Copy.
  10. Click on the "copy of course default", and change the name. Ex: UNV 1101
  11. Switch to the Content/Layout tab.
  12. Click on the Add Widget tab, and check the box for the "Course Links" widget (created in steps 1-5).
  13. Save, click on the "Set" button associated with this copy of the course default homepage.
  14. Click on "Set Active".

You should now have a widget (box) on your course homepage that is labeled "Course Links", and you can add hyperlinks to this widget.

  1. Click on the pencil icon in this widget.
  2. Click on the Quicklinks tool.
  3. Pick URL for the Category.
  4. Cut/paste URL or type URL.
  5. Type a Link Caption
  6. Click on Insert

Published: 09/07/2010    Updated: 03/28/2013