Frequently Asked Questions

Quiz Time Limits

Can a quiz exceed the time limit that is specified?

A quiz will remain available to the student, even after they have exceeded the time limit that was specified in the Restrictions area of a quiz, unless an additional option (see Auto-Submit below) is checked.  Also, a grace period and/or late limit may be set to allow additional time.  Please be aware that the default setting in D2L does not "enforce" the timing.   However, you can "enforce" the timing by checking the "enforced" option in the Restrictions area of the quiz.   When you have checked "enforced" for the quiz, the system doesn't automatically submit the quiz either.  The "enforced" option places a late notice by the student's quiz submission, if they've exceeded the time limit with grace & late limit considerations. The student does need to submit the quiz by clicking on the "Go to Submit Quiz" button.  If they have not answered all the questions, they will receive a list of unanswered questions, and they can choose to go back or submit the quiz.  A successful submission includes a confirmation. 

An additional option, "Auto-Submit Attempt," may be checked to allow an automatic submission. 
WarningONLY the questions that have been saved will be auto-submitted.   If you check this option, please be sure to let students know that they should save each question.  If a student doesn't save the question/s before the time limit is exceeded, their score would be zero for any unsaved question/s.  An answer on the screen is not saved unless the "Save" or "Save All Responses" button has been clicked.  A quiz is not submitted properly, until the "Go to Submit Quiz," and the Submit button has been clicked.  A successful submission includes a confirmation. 

Published: 09/21/2010    Updated: 09/21/2010