Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a URL to a discussion post

How do I add a web site link (URL) to a discussion post?

To create a hyperlink to an external web site listed in a Discussion post or reply:

  1. ComposeClick on the Compose or Reply button
  2. Click in the Message text area.
    • Note: wherever your cursor is located in the message box is where the link will be inserted
  3. Click on the Insert Quick Link icon Insert Quick Link(this is the second icon in from the right hand side, it is a figure 8 laid on it's side with a orange star)
  4. Insert LinkSelect URL from the Category drop down menu.
  5. Enter (copy/paste or type) the URL path in the Link Detail box.
  6. Enter the name of the link in the Link Caption box.
  7. We also recommend selecting  New Window next to the Open In option. This will open your link in a new window.
  8. Click the Insert button to insert the Quick Link
  9. Click on Post once you are finished typing your discussion.

Published: 04/19/2010    Updated: 03/27/2013