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Copying Content from a Previous Term Course to a New Course

How do I copy content from previous course to current course?

Copying Content from a Previous Term Course to a New Course

  1. From the D2L “My Courses” area, you should see your courses from previous terms (2007-2010SP). Also, there should be an empty course for the current term – “Fall 2011”. Access the 2011FAXXX-9999-99 (empty) course
  2. Click on “Edit Course” Select “Import/Export/CopyComponents” The default - “Copy components from another Org Unit” is correct, click Next.
  3. In the “Existing Offering” area, click on the dropdown arrow to select the course you would like to copy content from (source). Wait a few seconds for the screen to show the components in this course. At this time, we would suggest checking “Copy all items” for all components, except the Discussions. This area should be given some consideration before copying. All content can be edited or removed after copying.
  4. If you just want the discussion forums, and not the student posts, it would be best to “Select individual items to Copy. ”A list of all the items under that area will be displayed, after you have clicked on the “next” button. You will need to check each of the Discussion Forums, and remove the checks associated with each of the student posts.
  5. If you decide to take everything from your previous course, including Discussion posts, check the box “Select all the components” to copy all the content from the source to the empty term site. Once you have selected the content, and other components to copy, a summary will appear with the status message – successfully copied.

Published: 07/29/2011    Updated: 03/27/2013