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Adding Bonus or Extra Credit to Gradebook

How can I add bonus or extra credit to the Gradebook?

There is more than one way to add bonus points in D2L. The example that follows will cover a basic grade book scenario that allows the student to earn 15 extra points on a project, but does not penalize the student who only completes the required criteria to obtain 15 points on the assignment.

  1. Click on Grades – Manage Grades
  2. Click on New Category
  3. Provide a name for this category. In the example, “Bonus” was the name given to this category.
  4. Click on Save
  5. Click on Manage Grades
  6. Click on New Item & Select “Numeric”
  7. Type the Name of the bonus item.
  8. Place a check in the “Bonus” box, and click Save.
  9. Enter the “Max Points” that can be earned. In this scenario, the bonus is worth 15 extra.
  10. Click on Manage Grades, and you should see a yellow star next to the item that was just created. In order for the Gradebook to exceed the total point’s value, an adjustment needs to be made to the Final Calculated Grade in the Manage Grades area.
  11. Click on the Final Calculated Grade Item (see screenshot).
  12. Make sure the Grades Settings option (see screenshot below) has the “Points grade” checked.
  13. This setting allows the instructor to view the total points in the Gradebook column Final
    Calculated Grade.
  14. Check the box “Can Exceed” to allow the total calculated points to exceed the total score, an Save.
  15. Click Save.

Published: 12/16/2011    Updated: 03/27/2013