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Can quizzes be randomly selected by scenerio?

Quiz Setup - Assistance with Random Folder Selection Question

Description: We have an instructor that wanted to know if D2L could do the following. We know how to randomized quizzes, but have not done anything with selecting random quiz folders. Could you tell us if the following is possible?

I would like to create three versions of a certain type of scenario, and then ask several questions about the scenario. I would like to have D2L randomly select one of the three scenarios, and then insert the scenario description and the group of questions that belong to that scenario. Randomly selecting individual questions won't work, since they wouldn't all be about the given scenario. It would also be a big plus to have the questions stay in order within the group. I've set up Sections in the Question Library for each type of scenario, with Subsections called Scenario 1, Scenario 2, and Scenario 3. I want to have the quiz pull one set of questions. Can I do this? Is there a different approach that will do this?

D2L Response:

At this time, the ability to perform what you are desciribing is currently not possible within the platform. Within a quiz, when a random generation section is created, that random section does not have the capability to randomly select a another section of questions, but rather, has to be done at the individual question level. What it sounds like you want to do is actually administer three different quizzes, one for each scenario with a set of subsequent questions pertaining to that scenario to be answered. This has been identified as an existing feature request with product development. I have attached your ticket and account to that existing feature request with the added details of why you would like such a feature. I will be sure to update you if I hear anything back regarding this feature.

Within the existing capabilities of the LE, there are ways to perform a similar action but they require additional steps and won't give you the identical results. What could be done is, you could create a separate quiz for each scenario and subsequent questions for that quiz. Then create groups within the class that randomly assign their members to the group and have each quiz restricted to only be accessed by that particular group. So Quiz Scenario 1 is tied to randomly assigned group 1, Quiz Scenario 2 is tied to randomly assigned group 2. This performs some of the random aspect that you are looking for, however the distribution of who receives each particular quiz would be even due to it being tied to groups. Like I said, this is a little bit more complicated and may not deliver exactly what you were expecting.

Published: 02/22/2012    Updated: 03/28/2013