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Question Problem Type User Type
Preventing Completed Quiz Display
Can students see completed quizzes? Or, how can I prevent students from seeing Quiz answers after they take a Quiz?
Quizzes Faculty/Staff
Composing Discussion Message with Safari
I am using Safari and I am trying to compose a new Discussion message but nothing is happening.
Discussions Student,Faculty/Staff
Problem viewing discussion messages
Why can't I see my discussion messages? When I log onto my course my 'Updates' Widget (window) shows that I have new messages but when I click on the 'New Messages' link I have no new messages.
Discussions Student
Delete a Grade Item
How do I delete a grade item?
Grades Faculty/Staff
Can't View Course
Why can't I see a course in D2L?
Viewing Courses/Content Student
Deleting/Changing Dropbox File
How do I delete a file in the Dropbox?
Dropbox Student
Dropbox/Upload Assignments
How do I upload assignments into the Dropbox?
Dropbox Student
Adding Bonus or Extra Credit to Gradebook
How can I add bonus or extra credit to the Gradebook?
Grades Faculty/Staff
Posting or Answering Discussion questions (Grid Style View)
How do I post questions onto the discussion board?
Discussions Student
Adding a URL to a discussion post
How do I add a web site link (URL) to a discussion post?
Discussions Student,Faculty/Staff
Disconnected During Quiz
When I take a quiz why does my Internet connection get disconnected (ISP timing out)?
Quizzes Student,Faculty/Staff
Gradebook Items Don't Display For Each Dropbox Folder
Why don't all gradebook items display for each Dropbox Folder?
Grades Faculty/Staff
Blank Grade Item Columns
Why do I see blank grade item columns? Have my students grades been deleted?
Grades Faculty/Staff
Randomize Quiz Questions
Can I randomize Quiz questions? I would like to have questions randomly selected from a group of questions so no two quizzes will be alike.
Quizzes Faculty/Staff
Add Desire2Learn to Safe Sender List
How do I stop my emails from Desire2Learn from going into my junk email folder?
Email Student,Faculty/Staff
Grade item shows 0%
Why does a grade item show points correctly, yet the percentage says 0%?
Grades Faculty/Staff
Automatically Grade Quizzes
How can I have Quizzes grade automatically? Students have taken the Quiz but the score is not recorded in Grades.
Grades Faculty/Staff
Creating Grade Items
How do I create Grade Items?
Grades Faculty/Staff
Posting or Answering Discussion questions (Reading Style View)
How do I post questions onto the discussion board?
Discussions Student
Drop Grade Item
How do I drop a student's lowest Quiz grade (or assignment grade)?
Grades Faculty/Staff
Why can't I see student journal entries?
Other/Misc. Faculty/Staff
Could this be a server or bandwidth problem?
Other/Misc. Student,Faculty/Staff
Security Warning in Internet Explorer
When I click on a link a Security Warning message pop ups. What should I do?
Browser Student,Faculty/Staff
Copying into Desire2Learn from Word
Desire2learn is not letting me copy and paste from Word. I don't want to retype everything and I don't want it as an attachment.
Content Student,Faculty/Staff
Composing Discussion - Problems with Text Box in IE 9
Why can't I type in the discussion text box or other text box area in IE9?
Browser Student,Faculty/Staff
Can't See Final Grades
Why can't students see their final grades?
Grades Faculty/Staff
Inserting the Syllabus
Where is a good place to insert a syllabus in the platform?
Content Faculty/Staff
Adding and Dropping Students from a Course
How do I add/drop a student to my course?
Enrollment Faculty/Staff
Allow File Download in Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer has blocked me from downloading files. How do I fix this?
Browser Student,Faculty/Staff
View User Progress
How can I see how often a student is participating?
Classlist Faculty/Staff
Grade Categories
How do I set up Grade Categories?
Grades Faculty/Staff
Adding a URL to a NEW Discussion Forum or Topic
How do I add a web site link (URL) to a new discussion forum or topic?
Discussions Faculty/Staff
Log in Information
I forgot my password.
Other/Misc. Student,Faculty/Staff
Clearing the Cache in an internet browser
How do I clear the cache in my internet browser?
Browser Student,Faculty/Staff
Making Courses Active for Student Access
How do I make my courses available for students to view in D2L?
Courses Faculty/Staff
Importing a Course Cartridge
How do I import a course cartridge/blackboard archive zip file?
Course Import Faculty/Staff
Computer Specifications & Recommendations
What operating systems/web browsers do you recommend?
Other/Misc. Student,Faculty/Staff
Deleting Discussion Board Forums or Topics
How do I delete discussion board topics; and how do I delete discussion board sub topics under a single main forum?
Discussions Faculty/Staff
Release Quiz Details Later
How do I show quiz details after everyone has taken the quiz?
Quizzes Faculty/Staff
Discussion Assessment - Auto Calc
How does auto calc discussion score work?
Discussions Faculty/Staff
Grading Discussion Forums
Do you know of a way to pull up all the student discussion posts in a single page for grading?
Discussions Faculty/Staff
Reset Quiz Attempt
How do I reset a student's quiz attempt?
Quizzes Faculty/Staff
Submission Confirmation for Dropbox
Do students receive a receipt when they submit a document to the dropbox?
Dropbox Student,Faculty/Staff
Respondus Lockdown Browser
What is the Respondus Lockdown Browser?
Respondus Tools Faculty/Staff
Campus Pack by Learning Objects – Journal, Blogs, Podcasts, or Wikis
Are there journals, blogs, podcasts or wikis in D2L?
Content Faculty/Staff
Accessing Quiz Details (if released later)
How to I see the results of my quiz if they are not released immediately?
Quizzes Student
Chat Session Archives
How do I view a previouw chat session?
Communication Tools Student,Faculty/Staff
Course or Section Combines
Can we combine courses?
Classlist Faculty/Staff
Adding MP3 Files
How can you add MP3 files that will play without downloading software
Content Faculty/Staff
Turnitin/D2L Settings
Can I ignore quotations and/or bibliographic material for an entire assignment?
Other/Misc. Faculty/Staff
Respondus Lockdown Browser
What is the Respondus Lockdown Browser?
Respondus Tools Student
Changing the Nav Bars
How do I change what my students can see on the navigation bars?
Navigation Bars Faculty/Staff
My Courses List
Can I control "My Courses" list?
Other/Misc. Faculty/Staff
Creating Forums and Topics
My students are not able to see my discussion topics.
Discussions Faculty/Staff
Quiz Attempt Score Not Matching Score in Grade Area
Why doesn't the quiz attempt score match the score in gradebook?
Quizzes Faculty/Staff
Accessing Instructor Comments on Papers Submitted to Dropbox (Turnitin Grademark)
How do I view instructor's comments on submitted homework?
Dropbox Student,Faculty/Staff
System Widget - User Links vs. Cutomized Widget for Course Links
I want to create/install a Widget on my course homepage that contains links to useful websites
Other/Misc. Faculty/Staff
Quiz Time Limits
Can a quiz exceed the time limit that is specified?
Quizzes Faculty/Staff
Locate Emails
How can Instructors locate previously sent emails?
Email Faculty/Staff
Using Manage Files in Content Area
Is there an easy way to delete an attachment from a topic? Seems I can only do this by deleting (trash) the entire topic and then making a new topic without the attachment?
Content Faculty/Staff
Creating Checklist
My students are not able to see my checklist.
Checklist Faculty/Staff
Copying Content from a Previous Term Course to a New Course
How do I copy content from previous course to current course?
Course Setup Faculty/Staff
Instructor copy of email from D2L
How can an instructor get a copy of the email messages sent to students from D2L?
Email Faculty/Staff
Random Folder Selection Question
Can quizzes be randomly selected by scenerio?
Quizzes Faculty/Staff