Sending Email & Using the Pager Tool

Sending Email & Using the Pager Tool

Sending Email


  1. Email ToolsFrom within any one of your courses, click on Classlist on the Navigation Bar.
  2. Put a checkmark by the person to whom you want to send an email.
  3. Click on the small email icon (looks like an envelope).
  4. Type your message and attach a file if needed, click Send.


It is a good practice is to put the course number in the subject line so your recipient knows what course you are emailing from. For example: 2010SUXXX-9999-999

The email address of the person you wish to send to will show up in the Bcc line. Since Desire2Learn does NOT keep a record of emails that were sent, it is a good practice to add your own email to the To or Cc line so that you have a copy of the email sent. 

You can also go the Preferences section from the My Home page. Under Preferences there is an email section. In this section you can check the "Send a copy of each outgoing message to..." checkbox. This will automatically send you a copy of every email you send from D2L. Also in this section you can enter a "Reply to" email address and type in an email signature that will automatically be included at the bottom of every email you send.

Email Preferences

For more information, review the Email Quick Start Guide for Students.

Using the Pager Tool

The Pager is an online messaging tool for sending text messages to classmates. a page is quicker than an email. Use the Pager tool to quickly see which of your classmates are online, get an answer from a friend, or to send a reminder or notice.

Note: The instructor may or may not have this tool available in a course.

Accessing the Pager Tool

To access the Pager tool, click on the Classlist link in the Navigation Bar.


Sending a Page

The green dot beside a user's name indicates that the user is online. It may take up to 3 minutes for a user to receive a page. If they have gone offline, the page will be saved and available to view the next time the user logs into the system.

  1. Select the users you want to page by clicking on the checkbox beside their name.
  2. Click the Page selected users icon. Pager Tool
  3. The Send Page dialog box will appear. Type text in the Message box. 

    Send Page 

  4. Click on the Send button.

Incoming Pages

When you receive a new page you will be notified by a sound signal or you will see the word "page" displayed in the green part of the Page icon, depending on your settings.

  1. Click the Page icon to view your message.

    Page icon

Viewing a list of Pages

At any time you can click on the Page icon and view a log of the pages you have received :


  1. Click the H button beside a user's name.
  2. Click one of the message lines to view a history of that conversation

For more information, review the Pager Quick Start Guide for Students.