About Groups

Groups LinkUse the Groups page to view a list of groups that you are enrolled in; a list of groups you still need to enroll in; and links to related discussion forums and locker areas.

To access the Groups page, click on the Groups link in the navigation bar.


Group Members

To see who is in your group, click on the link under the Members column. A popup box will appear with displaying a list of members.

Group Members

Group Dropbox

Use this page to view the feedback that you have received for a Dropbox folder.

To send an email to all the users in a group, click the group's name. To send an email to a user, click the user's name.

To open a file, click the file name.

Notice that you must click on the Dropbox link in the Navigation bar to access and upload a group Dropbox submission.

Group Discussions

Links right to any topics in the discussion forum that are set up for your group.

Group Lockers

Group lockers allow users to share and work collaboratively on assignments and projects.

Use this page to upload, create, edit, move, copy, zip, and delete group files.

Group locker files can be modified by any member of the group.

Group lockers are only available for active courses. Please save a copy of important files to your personal locker or your personal computer before a course ends.