Navigating Your Course

Navigating Your Course

My Settings boxOn the My Home page, you will find links to:

  • My Settings
  • My Courses
  • System-wide News
  • etc.


Use the My Settings box, to build a profile or a homepage.

 My Courses box

Use the links in the My Coursesbox to enter your courses.



Once inside my D2L course, how do I access the course materials?

Use the navigational tool bar along the top of your course homepage. The links located on this tool bar allow you to access materials within your course. Some tools that your instructor may be using include:

  • course navigational tool barContent may include your course syllabus, reading material, or homework instructions.
  • Grades is where you can see your grades on assignments throughout the semester.
  • Dropbox is where you can submit electronic copies of your homework to your instructor.
  • Quizzes is where you can complete course quizzes or exams. 
  • Discussion is where you can post messages or questions to other students or your instructor.