Academy Series

Academy Series Events:

October 4th
Understanding the Culture of a Pittsburgh Charter School:

Former graduate of MU (Bobby Eastwood) is bringing the Director of Human Resources on Oct 4th, from 4-6 pm in Retan Center, room 105, to share the urban experience of teaching.  He will also be here to RECRUIT our students for teaching positions in the Pittsburgh School District. Even if you do not want to teach in an urban area, this presentation is a must to understand the culture and perspectives of inner-city schools and the different opportunities for MU teacher candidates.  Please mark your calendars!

October 25th
Conversations with an MU Grad--Superintendent of Lake and Peninsula School District in Alaska, Ty Mase
Ty Mase is a graduate of MU, and he has had a very interesting career.  He is coming to campus on October 25th, from 4-6 pm in Retan Center, room 105, and is sharing his personal journey with students and professors on standards-based systems, professional development, and teaching in Alaska.  During his visit, he is also interested in recruiting our December graduates for spring tutoring.  This is financially a wonderful opportunity for our students, and it additionally provides our students with a diverse experience that will positively impact their professional development.  In the past, we have had several students participate in the tutoring program, and everyone has found it to be valuable and challenging.

November 18th
Bystander Training

Our very own Frank Crofchick will be giving a Bystander Training workshop on 11/18, from 4-6 pm in Retan Center, room 105.   Bystander Training is about helping "students feel empowered to act and giving them a specific process and resources to intervene in a safe, early, effective way in situations that could endanger the health and safety of others."

 Bystander Training goals are to:

·         Raise awareness of helping behaviors

·         Increase motivation to help

·         Develop skills and confidence when responding to problems or concerns

·         Ensure the safety and well-being of self and others