Towers Scholarship

Towers Scholarship

Michele A. Towers

Born and raised in Dickson City, Pennsylvania, Michele A. Towers attended Mansfield University from 1980 to 1984. A fun-loving and energetic person, Michele loved sports and played on the Mansfield University Softball Team. She was also a member of the Crescent Club of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and Phi Sigma Pi Honor fraternity.

Her outgoing personality and generous nature earned her many friends during her time at Mansfield. She deeply cared about the well-being of other people and would give unselfishly to help someone in need. She had to work very hard to finance her education and did so during the summers as a waitress and at college by working in the dining hall and at the university's Inventory Control office.

In addition to working many hours, and participating in athletics and other activities, Michele was a responsible student who was diligent about maintaining her grades. Motivated by her love of children, Michele had dreamed of becoming a teacher ever since she could remember. She achieved this goal when she graduated in 1984 with a B. S. in Elementary Education and took her first teaching position in the third grade at Clewiston Elementary School in Clewiston, Florida. Moving far from her family and friends, she began a life for herself in Florida where she quickly established herself as a caring teacher and community member.

Michele A. TowersIn her spare time she tutored children who were struggling in school and coached a Little League tee-ball team. Adventurous and outdoor-loving, Michele took up scuba diving in 1986. She died in a tragic diving accident off the coast of Florida on September 6, 1987. She was 25 years old.

Her family and friends remember the twinkle in Michele's eyes, her enthusiasm for life, her compassion for others, and her love of children. The Michele A. Towers Memorial Scholarship was established to honor her memory and to assist young women who exemplify Michele's spirit and character in their pursuit of a college education and teaching career.

Alice Delventhal Dillon, a classmate of Michele Towers, and Tom Johnston, Director of Mansfield University's Student Union, contributed the above information and pictures about Michele.

If you wish to apply . . .

The Michele Towers Memorial Award was established to honor Michele Tower's memory and to assist young men and women who exemplify her spirit and character in their pursuit of a college education and teaching career. Applicants for the award must be elementary or special education majors who have completed 30-95 credits with a minimum 3.0 grade point average and who have shown a strong commitment to teaching and community service. As part of the application, an applicant should include (a) three letters of recommendation from people who can speak to the applicant's service to the community, and (b) an essay of no more than 1,000 words that addresses the service and volunteerism that teachers give to their schools and communities.