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Mansfield University Student Teaching, Praxis and PAPA exams, certification

Educational and Field Experiences is a site maintained by the office of Educational and Field Experiences. At the site you can find information and news about student teaching, certification procedures, Praxis examinations, accreditations, and more. All upper class students should visit this site often to make sure that they're on schedule with the forms and policies required by Mansfield University and by the Commonwealth.

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education Web site to find links to Chapter 4 Regulations which govern the educational offerings of the public schools of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Chapter 4 combines and replaces previous Chapters 3 (school profiles), 5 (curriculum) and 6 (vocational education). Effective January 16, 1999, Chapter 4 was adopted and is now regulation. This site also has links to academic standards which are part of Chapter 4, including those for "Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening" and for "Mathematics." Links on the PDE site also offer Acrobat Reader downloads of the proposed standards for "Civics and Government," "Science and Technology," and "Environment and Ecology."