Urban Education Seminar

Urban Education Seminar

Philadelphia Urban Seminar

Mansfield University Pre-Service Teachers Participate in Urban Education Seminar.

The Urban Seminar is a collaborative venture with the Philadelphia Public Schools, PA state and private universities as well as colleges and universities from the region and abroad.

The Urban Education Seminar is a two week (May) intensive program designed to introduce and provide pre-service teachers with practical hands on experiences in inner-city classrooms and communities. Students participated in classroom teaching, professional development workshops, a community service project, small group learning forums which included required readings and written assignments were a part of the experience. This year's professional development workshops included presentations from Mr. Renny Lajar, principal of Stetson Middle School who shared his experiences on bringing positive change to a school that was on the failing list.

Participants resided in the dorms at LaSalle University. Mansfield University students have participated in the program for eleven years. Dr. Jannis Floyd, associate professor in the Education and Special Education department, has served as coordinator for the program since its inception at Mansfield University. This program allows our pre-service students to see and confront the stereotypes of inner cities teaching and to begin to see that children and adolescents are more similar than they are different and that effective teachers are in urban areas as well as rural areas.

For more information contact:

Dr. Jannis V. Floyd
Mansfield University Coordinator
207B Retan Center
570 662-4795