What Can I Study?

What Can I Study?

Thank you for your interest in teacher education at Mansfield University. If you would like to receive printed information about the university or about our teacher education programs, please contact the university's Admissions Office. You can visit the Admissions Web page, or contact the Admissions Office by phone (1-800-577-6826) or email (admissions@mansfield.edu). You can also contact our department secretary, Beth McClure (bmcclure@mansfield.edu), visit the Faculty page on this Web site, or contact our department chairperson, Dr. Nanci Werner-Burke (nwernerb@mansfield.edu).

What Can I Study?

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

Why Study Education?

  • Become part of Mansfield's rich tradition as one of the first state teachers colleges in Pennsylvania.
  • Enroll in early childhood, secondary education, and special education programs that are organized around the theme, "Teacher as Reflective Decision-Maker."
  • Study with inspiring faculty members who will care about you and help you reach your potential as a teacher.
  • Participate in practical, hands-on courses that emphasize a child-centered approach to guiding student learning.
  • Learn to design dynamic instruction that makes use of the latest teaching technology.
  • Put teaching knowledge immediately to use in education courses that incorporate a variety of public school classroom experiences.
  • Gain vital knowledge of how students learn and become skilled in applying that knowledge in effective lesson planning.
  • Build expertise in teaching developmentally disabled students and adapting instruction so that all students can be successful.
  • Develop abilities to motivate students to give their best efforts and to care about their learning.
  • Get involved in student education organizations that extend your learning outside the classroom in rewarding activities such as the Special Olympics, professional conferences, and service projects.
  • Become part of a vitally important profession and become someone who will make an important difference in the lives of your students!

What Research, Internship, and Enrichment Opportunities Are Available?

  • The early childhood, secondary, and special education programs feature a variety of opportunities to observe and participate in public school classrooms, including a semester-long Observation and Participation course and a semester-long student teaching experience with teaching placements at two different grade levels.
  • Our education programs offer plenty of other exciting options for individual enrichment. Mansfield students have tutored children in reading, chaperoned dances for individuals with disabilities, presented their work at conferences, coached Special Olympics, and conducted their student teaching experience on a Navajo reservation in Arizona. These are just a few examples of the many different ways to get involved.

What Are My Career Options?

  • Our elementary, secondary, and special education programs lead to Pennsylvania teaching certification, and many of our graduates take their first professional teaching positions in schools around the state. Others choose to teach elsewhere or go into a wide variety of other education-related fields.
  • As a career, teaching offers opportunities to earn additional areas of certification and to work with students in a wide range of extracurricular activities such as coaching, drama, video production, and journalism. Special education teachers may also choose to work with agencies and institutions serving individuals with disabilities.