student readingMansfield University’s Composition Program offers a series of courses that serves as the core writing component in the university’s writing program, which includes the Writing Across the Curriculum Program and the tutoring services of the Writing Center. (Please refer to the appropriate WEB pages for information on these programs.)

Consequently, composition courses serve the interests of the entire MU academic community since they provide instruction and direction in writing that students take with them into all their other courses and eventually into their post-graduation careers and life.

All composition courses require instruction on such elements of writing and thinking as:

  • organization
  • style
  • grammar
  • rhetorical modes
  • analysis
  • expressiveness
  • writing process

They are all taught by trained and experienced teachers of writing. Additionally, the three courses that make up the Composition curriculum—ENG 0090, Basic Writing Skills; ENG 1112, Composition I; and ENG 3313, Composition II—are designed to act as incremental steeping stones that help students to continue to grow as writers and thinkers throughout their undergraduate course of studies.

The descriptions, procedures, objectives, and criteria that follow are designed in explanation of courses with class limits of twenty-five students in ENG 1112 and ENG 3313, and twenty students in ENG 0090. It further assumes that these courses are taught by permanent English faculty who have no more than a two course composition load per semester or by temporary English faculty who have no more than a three course composition load per semester.