PARIS at Your Fingertips

PARIS at Your Fingertips

Enroll in the Mansfield University
 EF College Study Tour
"Paris the City Experience"

May 12–21, 2015: spend 10 days in Paris, and earn Mansfield University academic credit

Act fast and receive an early enrollment discount (a $150 reduction if you enroll before February 28, 2014)

Join Dr. Monique Oyallon and other Mansfield travellers in this faculty-led study-abroad course "embedded" with the WLC 2500 "Introduction to Paris" a Mansfield University general education course taught entirely in English in the Spring 2015.

The trip component is open to all MU students, without any pre-requisite and you will have three choices:

  • taking the three-credit semester-long WLC 2500 "Introduction to Paris" course for credit and an additional 1-credit WLC 2255 special course
  • taking only the WLC 2255 course for 1 credit,
  • simply participating in the trip for your personal enrichment and pleasure, without credit.

During our stay in Paris we will concentrate on the following activities:

  • describing/experiencing life in the city: the parks, the cafés, the monuments, etc.,
  • coming to know neighborhoods in Paris: from the Latin Quarter to Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower to Montmartre to Montparnasse,
  • understanding what it would be like to be creating things and working in Paris,
  • visiting museums: the Louvre, especially, and others collections.

Get the details; ask questions; enroll.

Paris will be yours!

Tour ID: 1555394AA

Tour Name: EF| Paris The City Experience

Group Leader: Monique Oyallon

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