Minor - Women's Studies

Minor - Women's Studies


Core Requirement: 3 credits

WS 1100: Introduction to Women's Studies
Cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural examination of the ways that language, images, and socialization have constructed women’s roles. Examines contemporary women’s issues (work and family, sexuality, violence against women), as well as the women’s movement and the role of women artists. Emphasis is on students (both female and male) working to discover the impact of these roles and issues in their own lives as well as in the larger world. 

Humanities Requirement: 3 credits

studentChoose One:

MU 2205: Women in Music
The study of women composers and performers through reading and recordings, including western and non-western music traditions. 

ENG 3326: Women's Literature
A study of literature by and about women in its literary, cultural, and social contexts. May be topical, thematic, or period-based. May include such authors as Austen, Bronte, Chopin, Woolf, Emecheta, Morrison, and Tan.

  • Prerequisite: ENG 1112W

ENG 3328: Lesbian and Gay Literature
This course focuses on literature by and about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, and what it is to be LGBT in our society. Literature will be studied in conjunction with film, music, television, newspaper and magazine articles, art, and history. The emphasis of the course will be on active discussion and close scrutiny of the literature, our society, and ourselves.

  • Prerequisite: ENG 1112W.
  • Offered spring of even years.

HST 2210: American Women's History
Explores the cultural, social, racial, and political forces that have shaped the experiences of women throughout American history.

HST 3313: Women in European History
Explores the experiences of women in Europe from the fall of Rome to the present. Particular emphasis is placed on the changing legal and social status of women throughout the period.

HST 3325: History of Witches and Witch Hunts
This course explores one of the darkest periods in history, the witch hunts which occurred in Europe and Salem in the early modern period. The course focuses on the intellectual, economic, and social forces which allowed people to believe in witches and to accuse their family members and neighbors of witchcraft. The course also addresses issues of gender and their impact on the witch hunts both in Europe and Salem.

Social Science Requirement: 3 credits

Choose One:

ANH 2250: Anthropology of Gender
An introduction to the cultural diversity of gender roles with emphasis on the roles of women, gender bias, and cultural definitions of men and women. Contemporary gender issues are studied within a variety of cultural contexts.

COM 3334: Gender and Communication
This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts of gender and how those concepts relate to communication. The course introduces students to important gender communication concepts such as gendered verbal and non-verbal communications, the social shaping of gender, gendered power and violence, sexual harassment, and gendered communication in educational, organizational, media, and relationship settings.

PSY 4422: Psychology of Women
Designed to introduce students to the myriad factors influencing the development of girls and women in a variety of cultures and societies. Areas covered include feminist scholarship and research; gender socialization, women’s biology and health; sexuality, relationships and family; and work, career, and power issues. Students taking the course for graduate credit (PSY 5522) are required to complete an independent research project.

  • Prerequisite: PSY 1101.

Capstone Requirement: 3 credits

WS 4410: Seminar in Women's Studies
An in-depth examination of a topic in Women’s Studies including women’s contributions, knowledge, and perceptions taught from a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural perspective in seminar style. This serves as the capstone course for the Women’s Studies minor. May be taken for a total of nine credits.

  • Prerequisite: WS 1100, two other Women’s Studies courses, and junior standing or permission of instructor.

Elective Requirement: 6 credits

Choose two electives from the courses listed below, any of the courses listed above, and/or courses cross-listed with Women’s Studies:

*ENG 2220: Special Topics in Literature
(*when offered with Women’s Studies content)
A study of one of the following topics: African-American Literature, Women’s Literature, other Minority Literature, Recent Literature, Film, or Folklore. May be repeated for a total of 9 credits.

*ENG 3305: Comparative Literature
(*when offered with Women’s Studies content)
Examines major works in a genre or movement, comparing two or more national literatures. May be taken for a total of nine credits.

  • Prerequisite: ENG 1112W.
  • Offered spring semester.

*ENG 3307: Literature in English from around the World
(*when offered with Women’s Studies content)
Study of literature written in English outside of the British Isles and the United States. 

  • Prerequisite: ENG 1112W.
  • Offered fall semester.

*ENG 3320: Special Topics in Literature
(*when offered with Women’s Studies content)
A specialized study of a topic in literature, film, or folklore. May be taken for a total of 9credits.

*ENG 4401: Seminar in Literary Studies
(*when offered with Women’s Studies content)
A sustained, in-depth study of literature which draws on the expertise developed in previous English courses. Topics will vary. Students will complete a seminar-length research paper/project, culminating in the public presentation of that work.

  • Prerequisite: ENG 1112W and 75 earned credits.
  • Offered spring semester.

*HST 3294: Topics in American History
(*when offered with Women’s Studies content)
A special area of American history that is of current interest.

*HST 3295: Topics in Global History 
(*when offered with Women’s Studies content)
A special area of world history that is of current interest.

*HST 3296: Topics in European History
(*when offered with Women’s Studies content)
A special area of European history that is of current interest.

HST 3326: The History of Women and Television
Through a study of both former and present television program, this course explores the changing roles of American women. We will consider how television both reflects and influences the culture understanding of gender in our society. The course will include discussions from a historical perspective on the impact of women in the workplace, the women’s movement and its backlash. The importance of these events and their reflection in television programs throughout the television age will be discussed.