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Recycling at MU

History of recycling in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

In 1998, the Governor's Green Council was formed.  The purpose of the Council is to, cooperatively across agency jurisdictions, facilitate the incorporation of environmentally sustainable practices, including Strategic Environmental Management, into Commonwealth government's planning, operations, and policy making and regulatory functions, and to strive for continuous improvement in environmental performance with the goal of zero emissions.

Mansfield University's Recycling efforts

In response to Pennsylvania Act 101, which made recycling the law in July 1988, Mansfield University began planning a recycling program. Over the years, Mansfield has recycled several items, and continues to add new items. Mansfield has recycled all of its cardboard for over a decade. Aluminum can and plastic soda bottles recycling containers are in virtually every building on campus.  The used cooking oil is brought to Southern Tier Hide and Tallow.