Fisheries Program

Fisheries Program

Mansfield University offers the only undergraduate Fisheries degree in Pennsylvania and the most complete undergraduate Fisheries program in the country. MU Fisheries interns and graduates have been placed across the United States, establishing Mansfield as a major center for Fisheries Education. Graduates are, therefore, very competitive for employment and graduate school opportunities. 

For over 30 years, Mansfield University's Fisheries Program has been training, educating and placing gifted students into amazing jobs where a passion for fish and the outdoors is channeled into a rewarding and challenging life-long career.

This B.S. degree program is housed within the Biology Department and provides extensive course work in the three major areas of Fisheries Science: Aquaculture, Fisheries Biology, and Fisheries Management. Unique features of the program include a summer internship, field courses, and a required research project. 

Cooperative education and research agreements with the U.S. Geological Survey, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, the US Army Corps of Engineers and various private donors are integral components of the Fisheries Program at Mansfield University. 

With the addition of a Biostatistics course (BI 3390), offered in the Biology Department, graduates of the program will meet the requirements for certification as Associate Fisheries Scientists by the American Fisheries Society

With a year of Organic Chemistry, the Fisheries major will have a minor in Chemistry. The Chemistry minor, Genetics (BI 3372), and Biostatistics and Experimental Design (BI 3390) are highly recommended for Fisheries’ graduates who plan to attend graduate school. Students wishing to receive American Fisheries Society certification must take a statistics course through advisement.