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If you have questions about funding support or require assistance in completing a grant application or report form, please contact:

The Provost Office
Cathy Martin

Faculty/Student Research

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These awards are intended to provide the student and the participating faculty member an opportunity to carry out a joint research activity. The faculty member and student may apply for this support for activity during the semester following the application deadline. Funds may be used for student stipends and/or the purchase of equipment, supplies and materials. Support for faculty stipends or salary is not provided.

Applications must address the benefits expected to both the faculty member and the student researcher. If a student fails to complete the project, the faculty member is expected to make a "good faith" effort to find another student researcher and will be expected to complete the project or return the funds awarded. A one-page faculty vita of relevant research, grants, or experiences is required as well as a current student vita or resume for each student identified in the grant application. These should be attached to the grant application.

Applications for research involving the use of human or animal subjects must include approval from the relevant MU review board (IRB and IACUC, respectively) before funding is distributed to the faculty member.