Captivating New Game Room

Captivating New Game Room

The drab and formerly underutilized Alumni Hall Student Center (AHSC) Game Room is a thing of the past! The Game Room has been completely refurbished, and is now a fantastic campus space. In the past, most people within the campus community had no idea that a Game Room existed on campus. They had not seen, been in, or heard of any such space. The reality was that this space within the AHSC was such an underdeveloped area that it wasn’t worthy of being called a Game Room.

Fast forward… The AHSC Game Room is located on the second floor of the AHSC auxiliary building, which is the same floor as the Mountie Den (formerly named the Bookstore), and Jazzman’s Café. The Game Room is associated with the AHSC Information Booth, which is located across from the Mountie Den. Both are overseen by the Office of Retention within the division of Student Life. Supervised student-employees staff the Information Booth. The student-employees distribute Game Room equipment, along with providing endless varieties of support for those who enter the AHSC. To date, the complete renovations include painting the room MU colors, new carpeting, built-out counters, counter stools, numerous fabulous games, extensive electrical work, accessible remote controls for the TVs, signage, and decal work. As an incredible bonus, most of the games are set to “free play.” The photo booth and the toy crane have minimal fees.

Along with complete renovations, the hours of service were greatly expanded to include evenings and weekends during the regular academic year, while summer service was also added. During the regular academic year, the Information Booth is open extensively, Monday – Friday from 10:00am-11:00pm & Saturday/Sunday from Noon-11:00pm. The Booth is now open during the summers, Monday – Friday from 10:00am-4:00pm. The Booth is closed during regular academic breaks.

Essentially, the Game Room is open anytime that the AHSC building is open. However, some of the game items (such as billiard equipment), are available when the Information Booth is open and staffed with a student-employee. A current Mansfield University ID is necessary to borrow equipment.

The foot traffic (people) within the Game Room is tracked every hour of every day that the Booth is open and staffed during the regular academic year. The student-employees walk-through the area with a clipboard on which to document room/equipment usage. Initial documentation of the foot traffic within the AHSC Game Room began during the 2013 spring semester. Tracking does not include the countless people that use the Game Room area when the Information Booth is closed.

Documented traffic alone shows that nearly 7,000 total people were tracked for 2013-2014 utilizing the Game Room space, and that figure was with around three weeks left in the spring semester for tracking! There is a phenomenal 421% increase in room usage when reviewing the tracking! Primarily students, and then also staff and faculty, can be regularly seen using the space for gaming, eating, hanging out, studying, or spectating. Renovations for the space began in the late summer of 2013. New Game Room items began to arrive in the space in mid-September 2013.

Although many have contributed to the development and success of the Game Room, a special note of appreciation goes out to the following people for their various positive impacts on the space: Dr. Chris Bridges, Al Cole, Denny Dean, Mike Wilson, Charlie Earle, Andy Worthington, student-employee Dean Lee, student-employee Whitney White, Kim Hulslander, Jerry Witherow, Debbie Pequignot, Jack Sackett, Donna Miner, Dean Miller, John Pollock, Chuck Colby, Greg Black, student-employee Ashley Ranck, Jason Welch, and the numerous current and past student-employees associated with the Information Booth / Game Room.

Additionally, this website was created for the Game Room. The website address is: During normal hours of operation, student-employees within the Information Booth can be reached at land line 570-662-4989. As one of many major tasks, Ruth Hermansen oversees the Game Room and the associated Information Booth. Ruth is the Associate Director of Student Life and Student Retention in 325 AHSC. Please continue to enjoy the captivating new Game Room, which has been refurbished to nothing short of fantastic!