Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board

The University requires IRB review of any campus research activities prior to the actual research. Many grants require approval from the IRB prior to their submission, so please plan accordingly.

The chairperson of the IRB is Dr. Francis Craig, Department of Psychology (x4774).  Current serving members of the IRB, their departments and contributing backgrounds include:

Francis Craig, Ph.D.- Psychology-Health and Exercise, Quantitive Research and Design
Jimmy Guignard, Ph.D.- English and Modern Languages- Rhetoric and Qualitative Research
Jeanie Kagel, Ph.D.. Biology
Tim Madigan, Ph.D. Sociology- Survey Research and Design
Michelle Materese R.N., Ph.D. (outside member) - Qualitative/Quantitative Nursing Research
Nicolle Mayo, Ph.D. Psychology-Clincial/Qualitative Research
Gretchen Sechrist, Ph.D. Psychology-Social Psychology, Quantitive Methods
Sharri Stager, R. D. (outside member)-Exercise, Nutrition
Karri Verno- Ph.D. Psychology-Developmental/Educational Research
Tiffany Welch Ph.D.-Social Work-Judicial Research

Access Online Forms:

Human Subjects Research Guidelines

Informed Consent

Request for Review of Research

IRB Review for System Wide Research