Famous Greeks

Troy Aikman, Professional Football Player

Madeleine Albright, US Government Official

Maya Angelou, Author/Poet

Neil Armstrong, Astronaut

Bob Barker, Game Show Host

Warren Beatty, Actor

Candice Bergen, Actress

Bill Bixby, Actor

Terry Bradshaw, NFL player & Announcer

Christie Brinkley, Model

Dr. Joyce Brothers, Psychologist

Pearl Buck, American Author

Peter Buck, Lead guitarist for R.E.M.

Jimmy Buffet, Singer

Carol Burnett, Actress & Comedienne

George Bush, Former US President

George W. Bush, US President

Laura Bush, US First Lady

Johnny Carson, Entertainer & Comedian

Dixie Carter, Actress

Liz Claiborne, Designer

Dick Clark, Entertainer

Bill Cosby, Actor & Comedian

Kevin Costner, Actor & Director

Katie Couric, Journalist & Talk Show Host

Sheryl Crow, Singer

Robert Dole, US Senator

Elizabeth Dole, Chair of Red Cross

Michael Eisner, Chair of Walt Disney Co.

John Elway, Denver Broncos Quarterback

John Engler, Michigan Governor

Everly Brothers, Singers

William Faulkner, Author

Harrison Ford, Actor

Gerald Ford, Former US President

Robert Frost, Author

Leeza Gibbons, Talk Show Host

John Goodman, Actor

Amy Grant, Singer

Woody Harrelson, Actor

David Hartman, Economist & Banker

Paul Harvey, Journalist & Radio Host

Florence Henderson, Actress

Orel Hershiser, Pro Athlete

Bob Hope, Entertainer

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Politician

Jewell, Singer

Kobi Jones, Pro Athlete

Michael Jordan, Pro Athlete

Will Keim, Motivational Speaker

Jack F. Kemp, Congressman

Hank Ketcham, Artist

Coretta Scott King, Human Rights Activist

Martin Luther King, Jr., Human Rights Activist

Ted Koppel, News Anchor

Harper Lee, Author

David Letterman, Comedian & Host

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Actress

Susan Lucci, Actress

Joan Lunden, Reporter & News Anchor

Ann Margaret, Actress

Thurgood Marshall, Supreme Court Justice

Matthew McConaughey, Actor

Rue McLanahan, Actress

Bette Midler, Singer & Actress

Donna Mills, Actress

Jack Nickalaus, Pro Golfer

Sandra Day O'Conner, Supreme Court Justice (First Woman)

Shaquille O'Neal, Pro Basketball Player

Jesse Owens, American Track Star

Sarah Jessica Parker, Actress

Joe Paterno, Penn State Football Coach

Les Paul, Guitarist

Jane Pauley, Reporter & News Anchor

Brad Pitt, Actor

Elvis Presley, Singer & Actor

Vincent Price, Actor

Ronald Reagan, Former US President

Robert Redford, Actor & Director

Burt Reynolds, Actor

Sally Ride, American Astrophysicist & Astronaut

Andy Rooney, Author & TV Personality

Teddy Roosevelt, Former US President

David Schwimmer, Actor

Tom Selleck, Actor

Dr. Seuss (Ted Geisel), Author

Paul Simon, Singer

Margaret Chase Smith, First Woman Senator

Stephen Spielberg, Director

John Tesh, Musician & TV Personality

Alan Thicke, Actor

Dave Thomas, Owner & Founder of "Wendy's"

Harry Truman, Former US President

Mike Wallace, TV Personality

John Wayne, Actor

E.B. White, Author

Thorton Wilder, Author & Playwright

Tennessee Williams, Author

James Woods, Actor

Tiger Woods, Pro Golfer