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"It's All Greek to Me"

We realize that Greek jargon may be a bit confusing, so we’ve come up with a "quick reference" Greek glossary to assist you.

Active: An undergraduate chapter member who has completed new member education requirements and has been initiated by the chapter
Alumni: Members who have completed their undergraduate degree
Bid: An invitation to associate with a Greek organization
Chapter: A campus group of an Inter/National Greek-letter organization
Formal Recruitment: For women, a period of membership recruitment events which are scheduled and regulated by the Panhellenic Council
Fraternity: Formally, the name applied to all Greek-letter organizations characterized by a ritual, pin, and strong tie of friendship; for men or women; Informally, a Greek brotherhood
Greek: A member of a an organization that bears a Greek-letter name
Hazing: Unethical, illegal and forbidden membership activities; anything that is dangerous, demeaning, demoralizing and/or degrading to the emotional or physical well-being of an individual or group, which is used for the purpose of admission into an organization or to maintain membership
Inter-fraternity Council: The governing body of the fraternities for men, represented by at least two delegates from each chapter; referred to as "IFC"
Legacy: For women, one whose mother, sister, grandmother or half-sister is an alumna or active member of a Greek-letter organization
Associate/New Member: One who has accepted a bid from a chapter and begins an orientation and education program to learn the history, traditions and ideals of the Greek-letter organization; an 'association' expires if not initiated within one year of its start.
Panhellenic Council: The governing body of the fraternities for women, represented by two delegates from each chapter, informally referred to as 'Panhel'
Potential New Member: A non-Greek undergraduate who is participating in recruitment activities
Preference Card: For women, a form signed by the potential new member at the conclusion of formal recruitment events, on which she indicates, in order of preference, the chapters from which she will accept a bid
Quota: For women, the number each chapter may bid at the conclusion of the recruitment period.
Silence Period: For women, a period of time during which communication between chapter members and potential new members is strictly prohibited
Total: For women, the allowable chapter size (active members + associates) as determined by the Panhellenic Council