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Mansfield Chapters


Alpha Kappa LambdaAlpha Kappa Lambda

Founded Nationally: 1914

Founded at Mansfield: 2010

Philanthropy: These Hands Don't Hurt, Cystic Fibrosis, Adopt-a-school

Phi Beta SigmaPBS

Founded Nationally: 1914

Founded at Mansfield: 1978


Phi Sigma KappaPhi Sigma Kappa

Founded Nationally:1873

Founded at Mansfield: 2011

Philanthropy: Special Olympics

Sigma Alpha EpsilonSigma Alpha Epsilon

Founded Nationally: 1856

Founded at Mansfield: 2004

Philanthropy: Children's Miracle Network


Alpha Sigma Alpha CrestAlpha Sigma Alpha

Founded Nationally: 1901

Founded at Mansfield: 1970

Philanthropy: S. June Smith Center, Special Olympics, ASA Foundation, & Girls On The Run

Alpha Sigma TauAlpha Sigma Tau

Founded Nationally: 1899

Founded at Mansfield: 1965

Philanthropy: Pine Mountain Settlement School, Habitat For Humanity

Delta ZetaDelta Zeta

Founded Nationally: 1902

Founded at Mansfield: 1966

Philanthropy: Sound Beginnings Program, Painted Turtle

Zeta Tau AlphaZeta Tau Alpha

Founded Nationally: 1898

Founded at Mansfield: 1971

Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Awareness