Frequently Asked Questions

Why join a sorority or fraternity?

You may be asking yourself, why should I join a Greek organization?

The Greek organization of today satisfies a definite need, as it has in years past. While the times, have changed the need to seek friendship has remained the same. It's natural for us to seek the friendship of others. We find ourselves on a college campus, sharing a common experience with others of the same age. It's comforting to seek the companionship of those we find particularly friendly. The fraternity and sorority chapters, consisting of common interests and ideals, supply the needed environment for this type of companionship.  

But, what is that need?

Fraternities and sororities can hold different meaning for different people. They can provide academic benefits, varied social interaction, personal involvement with others, a chance to develop personal and group leadership skills, the opportunity to make friends for a lifetime, or a balanced combination of all of these.

There's often a misconception that the motivation for joining a Greek organization is for the provided housing, or to 'buy friends'. However, fraternity and sorority life is so much more!

Greek Life is a way of life.

Sharing common experiences, while pursuing a college education, can be fun, but our first priority is still academics. While other factors, both social and academic, are of value to your development as a well-rounded individual, it's the knowledge gained through diligent study that can offer the greatest rewards. Our organizations also provide the support you need to excel academically, as academic excellence is one of our pillars for existence.

Fraternity brotherhood and sisterhood provides an opportunity to meet a variety of people who have diverse views and backgrounds, some similar to yours and some very different. Becoming a part of Greek Life means getting along with people from all walks of life, and appreciating each person for his or her unique qualities, beliefs and opinions.

So, come experience the many benefits of Greek Life, like so many have done before you. It's a tradition as old and rich as the red, white and blue itself!

What can Greek Life teach me?

There are many life skills that being Greek can teach you. One paramount value that is the main pillar of the Greek system at Mansfield is Leadership. By being Greek, you are able to participate in many opportunities that will build leadership. By also taking part in the executive boards of the organization, you will grow as a person but as a leader to not only your own organization but to the campus community as well.

How to Join

The association process varies to a degree between the sororities and fraternities on campus. The association process would begin with attending "Recruitment Week." This week features several different programs put on by the Inter-Fraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council. During this week, one would learn about each different organization to get a better feel for what organization that would feel most close to. At the conclusion of this week, a bid for membership is given out. After the bid is given out, each prospective new member decides to accept the bid or decline it. If the bid is accepted, the New Member Education Process begins. Once the bid card is signed, that person is bound to that organization for one (1) calendar year. Each organization has an academic grade requirement to join as well as other requirements. If you have any questions or are interested, check us out!

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