Program Requirements, 18 credits

Take one course from the following:

HST 1111

World Civilization to 1350

HST 1112

World Civilization 1350-1900

HST 1113

World History Since 1900

Take one course from the following:

HST 2201

United States History to 1877

HST 2202

United States History Since 1877

History Electives

Take 6 credits of 3000 or 4000 level HST courses

Take 6 credits of HST courses (any level)

Environmental Studies

The environmental studies minor allows students of all majors to engage in a fully interdisciplinary course of study focused on the relationship between people and the natural world. This enterprise is designed to deepen understanding of the humanities and the sciences and to suggest ways those disciplines can be integrated. This minor will also help students to be more effective citizens in a world where the earth’s population of 6 billion is projected to double during their lifetimes and the demand for resources will increase.

Program Requirements, 21-22 credits


GEG 1122:

Environmental Issues


Take one course from the following:

BSC 1103:

Environmental Biology

CHM 1103:

Chemistry and the Environment

GEL 2840:

Natural Hazards


ES 3300:

Humans in Nature



Environmental Studies Electives – 9 credits

GROUP 4 (Social)

Take one course from the following:

GEG 1102:

Human Geography

GEG 3380:

Geography of the United States and Canada

HST 3294:

Topics in American History*

HST 3295:

Topics in Global History*

HST 3296:

Topics in European History*

HST 3320:

History of American Technology and Environment

HST 4406:

The Westward Movement in America

HST 4496:

Senior Seminar*

PHL 3316:

Environmental Ethics

PHL 3365:

Science and Values

WSM 1600:

Introduction to Watershed Management

* when offered on an environmental studies topic

GROUP 5 (Creative)

Take one course from the following:

ENG 2220:

Special Topics in Literature

ENG 3320:

Special Topics in Literature

ENG 3332:

Nature Writing

PHL 3300:

Philosophy of the Arts*

GROUP 6 (Natural)

Take one course from the following:

BI 3318:


BI 3331:

Local Flora

BI 3350:


BI 3392:

Human Dimensions in Fish Management

GEG 1111:

Physical Geography

GEG 3312:

Weather and Climate

GEG 3321:

(GEL) Geomorphology

GEG 4415:

Special Problems in Geography

GEL 3310:



ES 4497:

Independent Study