B.S.E. Social Studies/History Degree

B.S.E. Social Studies/History Degree

  • Explore the ways in which historical knowledge shapes contemporary events, decision-making, and politics
  • Master the methods and concepts of historical investigation, building critical thinking and analytical skills as you learn how to evaluate methods and sources of historical reporting.
  • Develop superior research, writing, interpretive and synthesis skills.
  • Conduct research and participate in field trips to historical sites and museums that allow you to explore history from different perspectives and gain access to primary sources of information.
  • Examine ancient and contemporary civilizations, cultural norms, and the values and political foundations that have shaped society and the world community as we know it today.
  • Learn from faculty who are published scholars in a wide variety of historical time periods, issues and events and who share their expertise and knowledge with students in the classroom and beyond.
  • Receive excellent preparation for a broad range of careers with the critical thinking and communications skills you develop as a history major.

The past is a living, dynamic subject and very much a part of today. This program in the humanities provides a solid background in the methods and concepts of historical investigation and introduces students to the various schools of historical interpretation. It includes courses in American, European, and Third World history, as well as a wide variety of arts and sciences courses. The research and writing skills developed in this program open opportunities in many areas.

History is excellent preparation for law school. Combined with the appropriate courses, it provides a good background for journalism. Producers of television shows, documentaries, and movies, with settings in the past, all have research staffs to insure historically accurate productions. History graduates work in such diverse careers as editing publications, archival management, foreign service, and museums.

For certification in Social Studies Education. (See The Teacher Education Certification Section in the University Policies section of the catalog, for further details regarding admission to teacher certification candidacy and Pennsylvania certification requirements.)

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