Employment Verification

Employment Verification

 We now offer Income/Social Service employment verifications through
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Mansfield University is one of more than 2,900 employers offering secure, fast current employment and income verifications via The Work Number. The Work Number is an automated service that securely provides instant employment and income verifications. It can be used when applying for a loan, buying a car, leasing an apartment, qualifying for public assistance, or similar instances where proof of employment or income is needed.
The Work Number streamlines the transfer of information between employers and verifiers, benefiting you by accelerating the decision process without compromising your data privacy.
The Work Number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By utilizing this service, we have extended the ability for you to apply for credit rapidly and easily - even on weekends or during evening hours - and without the need to provide paper documentation such as pay stubs to lenders or other service providers.

If you are a current MU employee and are asked by a lender or public assistance agency to provide proof of your employment or income, simply direct them to The Work Number:

1. www.theworknumber.com or 1.800.367.5690 (1.800.424.0253 for TTY if hearing impaired)
2. The Mansfield University employer code: 15972
3. Your Social Security number

If asked to provide a salary key as your consent to the release of income:
1. www.theworknumber.com/employees or call 1.800.367.2884. For Social Services call 1.800.660.3399 (1.800.424.0253 for TTY if hearing impaired)
     - Enter the MU employer code: 15972
     - Enter your Social Security number
     - Enter your PIN# (last four digits of your SSN plus your year of birth)
2. Follow the instructions to create a salary key
3. Provide the salary key to the person seeking your proof of income, and direct them to www.theworknumber.com to complete the verification process

If you are a verifier requesting proof of employment or income:

Commercial - mortgage loan, auto finance, credit card, apartment lease, etc.
1. www.theworknumber.com or 1.800.367.5690
2. The Mansfield University employer code: 15972
3. Employee's Social Security number

Social Services - TANF, SNAP, Public Housing, Medicaid, Child support, WIC, Welfare-to-Work programs, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and others.
1. www.theworknumber.com or 1.800.660.3399
2. The Mansfield University employer code: 15972
3. Employee's Social Security number

The Work Number does require that verifiers have the documented consent of the employee-consumer to access income information. Consent is generally established via a signed acknowledgement at the point of application for a loan or service. And, as with all verifications via The Work Number, you will need to state an FCRA-compliant permissible purpose prior to accessing the data.

Need help? The Work Number client service center is available Monday through Friday; 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. (CT) at 1.800.367.5690. For TTY, hearing impaired call 800.424.0253.


If you are verifying employment for non-income related purposes (i.e. past employment or student employment):

Please fax your request to 570.662.4117 - all employment verifications are returned within 2 business days.