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Mission & Vision Statement

Mission & Vision Statement

Our Vision

Strategic, innovative, legendary service; bedrock of "best place to work"

Our Mission

Mansfield University Human Resources Department is dedicated to providing an employment environment that promotes academic and personal growth as well as intellectual, ethical, and aesthetic values. To accomplish this mission, the Human Resources Department pledges:

To assure affirmative action and equal opportunity (educational and employment)

To support and cooperate with the State System of Higher Education and its institutions for the achievement of mutual goals

To provide to the campus expertise in recruitment and placement, Affirmative Action and social equity administration, personnel transactions and records, classification and compensation, employee benefits and services, labor relations including the monitoring and administering of the various collective bargaining agreements, performance appraisal, training and staff development, leave management, and employee relations.

To plan, develop, implement, and measure its efforts in providing optimum human resources services to the university.

To provide appropriate programs to faculty and staff in the areas of sensitivity, human diversity, sexual harassment, for the prevention of substance abuse, Employee Assistance Programs, benefits including orientation for new employees, etc.

To provide effective approaches to human resources planning (operational and strategic), human utilization, human development, interpersonal relationships, attention to employees, personal problems/issues, and participative management styles.