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Student Payroll

Student Payroll

Before your first day of work:

Complete the following forms and return to the Financial Aid Office in South Hall.


   Student Work Study Payroll Forms

     All forms must be completed before your employment will take effect.

Note: Direct deposit of student pay is required as a condition of employment. Your money will be deposited in your bank account(s) on the appropriate payday.

For your information

Important Tax Information

If you expect to earn less than $12,000 during the 2017 calendar year, you can apply for an exemption from this Local Services Tax (LST). This tax will take effect on your first paycheck of 2017. The LST Exemption Certificate can be completed anytime throughout the year. However, any taxes already deducted will not be refunded by the university. Contact your Student Payroll Office for further information.

For additional information, please visit the Pennsylvania Local Service Tax site.


Student Payroll Contact

Student Payroll
Greg Zagozewski
520 North Hall
Mansfield, PA 16933
570 662-4876

FAX: 570 662-4117

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.