Practical Information

Practical Information

To gain the many advantages of a study abroad experience, students should plan their journeys well in advance. They can find most of the information they need to get prepared here:


Students must have a minimum cumulative quality point average (QPA) of 2.5 and receive favorable recommendations from two professors or administrators to be eligible for participation in Mansfield University study abroad programs.

Procedures & forms

To apply for a direct exchange with Canada (Nipissing University, University College Cape Breton), China (Huazhong Normal University), Germany (Jena University), France (Toulouse), Spain (University of Valladolid), Russia (Volgograd State University) or Australia (Charles Sturt University, Central Queensland University)...


The costs of your Study Abroad semester/year will depend upon the program that you choose. There are three possibilities. In every case, however, travel expenses, and passport and visa costs are not included.


Mansfield University has a small scholarship fund to help students cover some of the additional costs associated with study abroad. Only matriculated Mansfield University students are eligible for these scholarships.

Medical issues

Travelers may be aware of certain medical considerations, which you can find on the following links...

Safety issues

The prospect of going abroad for an extended time may make you, your family, or your friends anxious about your life outside the United States.