Students must have a minimum cumulative quality point average (QPA) of 2.5 and receive favorable recommendations from two professors or administrators to be eligible for participation in Mansfield University study abroad programs. Students who participate in programs offered by other universities may be required to have a higher cumulative QPA and/or meet additional criteria set by the host university.

Credits and grades

Courses completed in study abroad programs may be offered by Mansfield University (MU), by another American university at a site abroad, or by the host university abroad. It is important for the student to understand the status of the courses offered in the chosen program as it may have an effect on transfer of credit and/or grades. Study abroad programs led by a Mansfield University professor generally offer MU credits. Courses completed in study abroad programs by students studying on their own or with professors from other universities are generally regarded as transfer credits. However the status of grades earned in such courses may vary depending on several factors. Students should consult the Coordinator of Study Abroad prior to departure to determine how the grades for courses taken abroad will be recorded and counted in the cumulative average. It is also the responsibility of each student, in consultation with his or her academic advisor, to determine the status of study abroad programs and the applicability of specific courses to completion of the student's program.

MU students may select the Pass/Fail option for up to 15 credits for one semester while enrolled in a study abroad program which offers MU courses. Students who choose this option should follow the regular procedures for requesting Pass/Fail grades.

Exchanges are generally for one semester. Students who participate in exchange programs and decide to stay on beyond the established exchange period may do so as regular international students if they secure permission of both the host university and Mansfield University. Students who extend their stay beyond one semester will do so as international students and must pay tuition and fees to the host university. Students considering extending their stay abroad should work closely with their advisor, the Coordinator, and the Financial Aid Office to determine if credits, grades, and aid will transfer as desired.


MU students who take non-MU courses abroad must request that the host university send a transcript of all coursework to the MU Transfer Coordinator in Alumni Hall. Visiting students who enroll in MU courses or through an MU direct exchange program abroad must send a written request to the Academic Records Office, South Hall, asking that a transcript be sent to the home university. There is no charge for MU transcripts for SSHE Visiting Students.

Financial aid and scholarships

Mansfield University student who receive financial aid may use their aid funds to participate in all MU study abroad programs. Students who participate in programs offered by other universities may use financial aid received at Mansfield if the host university has a collaborative agreement with MU in place before the student departs. Students who intend to study at a particular university abroad and use financial aid should contact the Coordinator of Cross-cultural Studies at least 6 months prior to departure to allow sufficient time to determine if a collaborative agreement can be negotiated. Students who receive tuition waivers at Mansfield may use these waivers in MU's direct exchange programs but not in any program which requires tuition payment to the sponsoring or host university. Scholarships are available from the Mansfield Foundation for students who participate in MU approved study abroad programs. Other competitive scholarships are available from various external sources for students who want to participate in study abroad programs offered by other US and foreign universities. Scholarship application procedures can be found at Scholarship Procedures.

Medical issues

Some foreign countries require medical examinations, which may include HIV tests, evidence that certain communicable diseases are not present, proof of vaccinations, and/or proof of medical insurance prior to issuance of a visa. Mansfield University recommends that all students who study abroad have complete medical examinations, obtain up-to-date vaccinations prior to travel, and maintain adequate medical insurance. Students with health concerns should be aware that standards for air and water quality vary widely around the world. Not all study sites abroad have comprehensive medical facilities nearby. Mansfield University encourages students with disabilities to participate in all its activities. However, students with mobility or sensory impairments should be aware that in many other countries access to public facilities and services may vary considerably from levels found in the USA. Click here for more details.


When a Mansfield University professor leads a group to a site within driving distance, students may be required to travel as a group by car, van, or motor coach. Otherwise, students are responsible for arranging their own travel unless a host university includes such arrangements in its program. When a Mansfield University professor leads a group overseas, participants will be advised of the departure and return dates, times, and flights and may choose to purchase tickets on their own for the same flights. Students may choose to travel independently or select alternative carriers or travel agencies when traveling via public transport.


A student who intends to study abroad should have a valid passport in hand at least 60 days in advance of departure. It is the student's responsibility to apply for and obtain a passport.


It is the student's responsibility to complete all requirements and submit all information necessary to obtain a visa from the appropriate embassy or consulate. The only program for which Mansfield University provides help with visa applications is the exchange program with Volgograd State University in Russia.

Release of information

All academic, psychological, and medical information about Mansfield University students is considered confidential. Mansfield University will release information about the status of individual students in study abroad programs only to individuals listed by the student on a release form filed with the Coordinator of Study Abroad. Occasionally news releases may include names, majors, hometowns, and other general information about students who study abroad. Students who do not wish to be included in such news releases should advise the Coordinator of Study Abroad.

Dismissal from programs

Students who participate in study abroad programs are subject to all academic and disciplinary rules of both Mansfield University and the host university as well as the laws of the municipality, state or province, and country. Students who fail to comply with laws, rules, or regulations can be dismissed from the program and all payments of tuition or fees will be considered forfeit.