Procedures & Forms

Procedures & Forms

To apply for a direct exchange with Canada (Nipissing University, University College Cape Breton), Germany (Jena University), France (Toulouse), Spain (University of Valladolid), Russia (Volgograd State University) or Australia (Charles Sturt University, Central Queensland University), print and fill out the following documents (".pdf" format):

If you intend to participate in an ISEP program, please note that the application procedures are not be the same. Ask the Office of Study Abroad for more details.

Filing application

Return completed files to the program directors:

Transfer of credit

After you have been accepted for study abroad, obtain a Request to Transfer Credit and/or Study Abroad form from the Registrar's Office (224 South Hall). List the courses you plan to take while abroad and the manner in which you want them to count in your program. Take the form, along with course descriptions, to the chairpersons of the departments for equivalent courses at MU for review. If approved, the chairperson should initial next to the course on the form. Have the completed form signed by your advisor, the chairperson of your department, the Coordinator of Study Abroad, and submit it to the Transfer Coordinator in the Admissions Office in Alumni Hall.

SSHE visiting student application form*

This form is used for studying at another Pennsylvania State System university, including participation in a study abroad program offered by a SSHE university. If you enroll as Visiting Student, you maintain matriculation at your home university and receive financial aid there while attending the other university for one semester. Additional details and an application form are available in the Registrar's Office.

* This does not apply to every case.

Medical requirements

Different countries have different medical requirements to obtain visas. Some require medical tests for specific diseases, special x-rays, HIV tests, inoculations, vaccinations, and particular insurance policies. Host universities also have their own requirements. Each situation must be analyzed on an individual basis to determine the requirements which must be satisfied and the precautions which would be advisable. While students with disabilities are encouraged to participate in all Mansfield activities, careful judgment should be exercised by the student and his or her family to determine if needs can be met under the varying conditions encountered in foreign countries.

Scholarship application

Mansfield University has a small scholarship fund to help students cover some of the additional costs associated with study abroad. Only matriculated Mansfield University students are eligible for these scholarships. Awards are based on need and merit and amounts awarded usually range between $250 and $1000.

See Scholarships for more details.

Passport application

Students MUST have passports in hand 60 days prior to departure.

Passports are issued by the country (or countries) where you hold citizenship. You are responsible for obtaining your own passports. Most US students apply for a passport at their local county courthouse. In Tioga County, applications are made at the Prothonotary's Office in the courthouse, 116 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA, 16901 (Phone # 570-724-9281).

Applications require a certified copy of the birth certificate, a driver's license (or other photo ID) and two passport photos (can be taken in the courthouse, at AAA, CVS, or by a commercial photographer). The cost of passport is $55 (payable by check to the US Department of State with the date of birth indicated on the check) plus $30 application fee (needs to be a separate check).

Visa application

Visas are issued by the government of the country you are going to. Policies, procedures, and costs vary greatly. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the required visa(s) well in advance of the expected travel date. SOME AIRLINES WILL NOT LET YOU BOARD THE PLANE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE APPROPRIATE VISA. Don't wait until the last minute to obtain your visa. Many countries suggest that you obtain the visa BEFORE you buy your plane ticket. Some countries require an official invitation before they issue the visa; it is therefore important to apply for a passport as soon as you seriously consider studying abroad. Private visa service companies can assist you to obtain visas but they do charge a fee. Ask the visa service in advance how much they will charge to get you a visa. The Office of Study Abroad can usually point students toward the appropriate contact to obtain the required visa but does not assume responsibility for obtaining visas.