Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

Values, Vision and Mission of the Rod C. Kelchner Fitness Centerkelchner fitness center

Kelchner Fitness Center is a multipurpose recreation center that provides fitness and recreation opportunities to the Mansfield University students, staff, faculty, and community members. The following values reflect our commitment to providing safe, effective and fun opportunities for recreation.

Quality Customer Service

We want each experience that you have at the Kelchner Fitness Center to be excellent. We strive to offer the best service we can in all areas of our fitness center.

High Safety Standards

Fitness can be an inherently risky activity. We want you to feel safe anytime you participate in an activity with the Kelchner Fitness Center. Our front desk staff, group fitness instructors and intramural referees are all CPR and first aid certified for your protection. We strive to correct any safety issues in our building in a timely manner and will respond to any safety issues immediately.

Passion for Healthy Lifestyles

Here at the Kelchner Fitness Center we are passionate about how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. We feel we should provide you with a variety of opportunities so that you can best decide how to embrace your healthy lifestyle.

Program Innovation

We value variety and creative programming. We strive to offer you the most current trends in group fitness, personal training, intramural sports and recreation. Not only do we offer you the current trends, but also the tried and true!

Commitment to Education

We strive to create learning experiences for our student staff and our regular customers. We want to educate you about health, fitness, nutrition and sports so you can make better choices in your life.

Mission Statement:

The Kelchner Fitness Center is committed to providing quality recreational opportunities to students, faculty, staff and community members. Kelchner Fitness Center strives to offer variety in group fitness, intramurals, special events and fitness programming to best meet the needs of our diverse membership base. The Kelchner Fitness Center promotes healthy lifestyles through quality customer service, high safety standards, a passion for healthy lifestyles, program innovation and a commitment to education.

Racquetball CourtVision Statement:

The Kelchner Fitness Center has a passion for healthy, active lifestyles. We believe in providing fitness and recreation opportunities that meet the needs of our diverse student, staff and faculty population. Over the next 5 years we will strive to offer more of everything that keeps our members healthy and active.