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Support and Expectations

If you are currently associated or desire to be associated with a Club Sport (or potential Club Sport) here at Mansfield University, please read this important information regarding Club Sports expectations and support. Beginning in the fall 2014 semester, all Club Sports must have ongoing compliance with the expectations in order to be considered an official Mansfield University Club Sport program.

Many of you are already aware that Club Sports are now overseen within the Office of Retention, as one of many major tasks, in the division of Student Life. Club Sports were not previously overseen in any official capacity. We are striving to be a liaison for Club Sports - providing guidance, support, and information to those who participate. You are on the Club Sports site that was developed, and which will be further enhanced.

General Definitions

Club Sports are MU vs. other non-MU institutions or organizations on or off of the MU campus. Intramurals here at Mansfield University are MU vs. MU. There is essentially also an "other" category of people who play their sport, but do not have competitions scheduled. Competitions as defined must occur to be considered an officially recognized Mansfield University Club Sport.


There are many benefits of being an officially recognized MU Club Sport:

  • Leadership development opportunities – for example, as a club officer
  • Each Club Sport has/can get their own mailbox within the AHSC if desired
  • Have your team included on the official MU Club Sports site – supports current participants, tool to recruit future participants, information source for outside entities looking for competitions, informational resource. Pictures and information is sought for this in supporting your group! Links to organizational websites can be listed under each Club Sport here as well (ex: Facebook)
  • The latest relevant information is provided to Club Sports – such as details on field usage, equipment storage, opportunities to promote the organization, and on/off campus outreach in providing support
  • Programming assistance – advice, problem-solving, general assistance, mentoring, and direction
  • Promotion and publicity – assistance in increasing the visibility of the Club Sport. Club officers are encouraged to contact the Office of Retention with events, event promotions, and results


Beginning in the fall 2014 semester, all Club Sports must have ongoing compliance with the following expectations in order to be considered an official MU Club Sports program:

The organization must meet the definition of a Club Sport -

The classification of Club Sport applies to organizations that are composed of enrolled students that are voluntarily participating in competitions of a physical nature against other non-Mansfield University institutions or organizations on or off of the Mansfield University campus. Club Sports provide an opportunity for students to get together regularly to play a sport they love or would like to learn, though they do not meet as often or for as long as varsity teams. Club Sports are typically managed and run by the participants themselves, along with an advisor that is most often a University faculty or staff member (minimum of co-advisor with this type of current position held). Club Sports provide an opportunity for competition at specialized levels, participation in events/tournaments, and opportunities to practice. Many clubs provide instruction and opportunities for skill development, and typically no prior experience with a particular program is necessary

  • The club officers/advisor(s) must ensure that a Petition to Create a Campus Organization is completed through the division of Student Life. This electronic form can be obtained here:
  • Club officers/participants/advisors are expected to comply with requests by the Club Sports program staff. For example, requests for information, pictures, meeting(s), or event(s). Club officers will oversee that fellow officers, club members, and advisors are compliant
  • Within the current regular academic year, the organization must have scheduled competitions against other non-MU institutions or organizations on or off of the MU campus
  • A written listing of names, phone numbers, email addresses, and position of student officers and advisor(s) must be submitted upon request and updates must be reported as they occur, to the Office of Retention
  • Participation in any Club Sports program activity (practice or competition) is contingent on proof of valid insurance coverage by each individual
  • Each Club Sport advisor is responsible for ensuring that only those with proof of valid insurance coverage are participating in any manner at on or off campus practices and competitions
  • Each Club Sport advisor must maintain and submit a current list of participants, along with submitting a copy of proof of insurance, to Ruth Hermansen in the Office of Retention, 325 Alumni Hall Student Center
  • All Club Sports program participants and advisors have an obligation to refrain from actions and behavior that may jeopardize themselves or other Club Sports program participants. The division of Student Life overseeing Club Sports reserves the right to remove participants or groups from the program for actions/behavior that are deemed dangerous to themselves and/or other Club Sports program participants
  • More than one advisor is acceptable, but each Club Sport must have at least one advisor that is a current Mansfield University faculty or staff member
  • Volunteers who are not employed by Mansfield University must complete the volunteer application / approval form on the Human Resources website. The form must be completed by each volunteer. The volunteer must then submit the form to the hosting department (Student Life). The hosting department will then submit the form to Human Resources. The form can be located on the Human Resources page under Forms, then under Volunteer Form:
  • If you wish to seek funding, the group must meet the requirements of a recognized student organization, as defined by the Student Government Association (SGA): This is highly recommended in order to seek funding to participate in competitions

Please feel free to email, call, or stop in the Kelchner Fitness Center at any time! We are always here to support your Club Sport passions and endeavors!

Mike Stamp
Assistant Director, Kelchner Fitness Center
Mansfield University
Office: 570-662-4231
Fax: 570-662-4230