Outdoor Equipment Checkout

Outdoor Equipment Checkout


Kelchner Fitness Center offers equipment for outdoor recreation for checkout. We currently have:

  • 1 Backpacking Tent
  • 1 Regular Tent (not suitable for backpacking)
  • 2 Sleeping Bags
  • 4 Backpacking bags
  • 2 Foam Sleep Pads
  • 4 Headlamps

These items are available for checkout at the front desk of Kelchner Fitness Center. Items are available for a 3 day checkout. 

Kelchner Fitness Center Director, Amy DeLozier took the Kelchner rental backpack on a weeklong hiking trip. This photo is of the first day of the trip where she climbed Mt. Marcy, the highest peak in New York. Have any great pictures of you using our outdoor equipment? Send them in and we will highlight them here!