Leadership Studies

Leadership Studies

Take Charge of Your Future...

        A minor in Leadership Studies is a great complement to ANY MAJOR!

campusThe minor in Leadership Studies provides students with an opportunity to study, apply and synthesize interdisciplinary perspectives of leadership. The minor helps students:

  • understand the theory and practice of leadership
  • gain an understanding of their potential and styles of leadership
  • communicate effectively in a variety of situations
  • understand and apply ethical leadership practices
  • develop and apply effective critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • understand the interdisciplinary nature of leadership
  • understand the relationship between diversity and leadership
  • learn to lead effectively in a variety of situations

To begin, consider taking LDR 2325 Introduction to Leadership Studies.

Why Study Leadership?

There is a great need for strong and effective leadership in our society. All students completing a Mansfield University degree are emerging leaders.

The Leadership Studies Minor is an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of leadership concepts and processes from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

The Leadership Studies Minor can be a strong complement to any major. The minor is here to help you reach your full leadership potential.

Leadership Opportunities