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Leadership Programs & Concentrations

Leadership Programs & Concentrations

M.A. Organizational Leadership

To meet the many leadership challenges in an ever-increasingly complex world, organizations need leaders and followers who can bridge traditional, professional, and disciplinary boundaries. There is a need for leadership today that can forge new teams to achieve together what no single individual can accomplish without the input and support of others. And there's a need to build socially responsible foundations for critical lifelong leadership, which become more poignant as one's career develops over time.

M.S. Nursing Leader/Administrator Concentration

The Master of Science in Nursing program is designed for professional nurses who seek an advanced nursing degree while maintaining current employment. Students may choose either the educator or leadership / administrator track. Graduates are qualified to teach in nursing education programs and staff development departments within health care agencies, or to manage nursing care delivery services in health care settings. The Master of Science in Nursing program is offered online. Ideally, students take two courses for six semesters to complete the program in two calendar years.

B.S. Geography, Outdoor Recreation Leadership Concentration

The concentration in Outdoor Recreation Leadership is designed to provide a blend of classroom and experiential learning for students wishing to pursue a career in some aspect of outdoor recreation. A focus on leadership as well as practical geographic skills such as GIS / GPS and map / air photo interpretation are also stressed. The program includes supporting coursework in business, geology, watershed management, wilderness first aid, travel and tourism, and leadership studies.

Leadership Studies Minor

There is a great need for strong and effective leadership in our society. All students completing a Mansfield University degree are emerging leaders. The Leadership Studies Minor is an opportunity to develop a  deeper understanding of leadership concepts and processes from a multi- disciplinary perspective. The Leadership Studies Minor can be a strong complement to any major. The minor is here to help you reach your full leadership potential.

Honors Program

Mansfield's Honors Program provides an opportunity for high-achieving students to take part in a unique educational experience during their studies at Mansfield.  The program includes a 22-credit curriculum that fits within most General Education and Degree program requirements.