Welcome to Mail Services

Welcome to Mail Services

Mail Services is the official Mansfield University mail service. Our primary function is to provide mail service for University administration, faculty, staff, students and the community.

Outgoing campus mail is picked up at all mail stops once a day in the mornings. In the afternoon, we only pick up mail in some of the buildings.  All campus mail is then processed and delivered on the next day.

Mansfield University Mail Services provides mail service to the University in four areas:

  • Contract Station: Students, faculty, staff and the general public may purchase stamps, mail packages, and make use of Priority and Express Mail Services, as well as most other services offered by our local post office. Currently we DO NOT Sell Money Orders
  • Incoming Mail Center: We receive all incoming USPS and departmental mail and deliver this mail to the departments and to the students' residence hall mailboxes.
  • Outgoing Mail Center: We receive and process all outgoing University mail for entry into the USPS mail system.
  • UPS, FedEx and DHL: **COMING SOON**Students, Faculty, and departments can ship UPS and FedEx from our location.
    • All UPS and FedEx will be delivery the next day. Except for any Express which will be delivery by the end of the day.

Mansfield University Mail Services is a full service USPS Post Office that is located on the first floor of Pinecrest at 15 Pinecrest Dr for the University community and general public.

All USPS mail services are offered from this location including International Mail Services and other special mail services. We do not sell nor cash money orders.

USPS mailing and shipping supplies are provided at our retail counter. Postage stamps and non-USPS mailing supplies are also available for purchase.

Cash, and Mountie Money are accepted as payment. 



Customer Hours

8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Note: All mail will be postmark on the same day. The cut off time is 2:30. All mail that come to our office after the cut off time will be process the next day. Please plan accordingly.

Flower Deliveries for students

Due to their perishable and fragile nature, we encourage you to pick up your flowers by the end of the day.


Please use the following address when ordering items online or having packages sent to you.

Please note, this change applies only to packages. Deliveries will now be received by the Mail Services Office in Pinecrest.

Student Name

15 Pinecrest Drive

Mansfield PA 16933

You will continue to use your Mansfield University mailing address for regular mailing purposes(letters, bills, magazine, etc.).

If you have any questions regarding this new change, please feel free to contact us at mailservices@mansfield.edu or570-662-4950.