Student Mail Information


Students Mail Information

Mail Services delivers to all 4 residential hall. First Class mail will be sorted by 7:00 PM Monday - Friday. Each hall have a drop off mail box near the mailroom. We encourage you to have any outgoing mail inside mailbox by 11:00 AM. We provide
package pick-up point for items sent through UPS, DHL, FedEx, Priority Mail and Express Mail at our location in Pinecrest lobby from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM. Monday - Friday. Students will receive an e-mail notification when package are logged in the system. Student most bring an picture ID for us to release your package. Please note will keep your package for 15 days. After that Mail Services will return it back to the sender. 

For information please contact Mail Services at  or call 570.662.4950 for any mailing related questions

For your convenience you will find drop off boxes for USPS, UPS and FedEx located outside Pinecrest.

Addressing Student Mail: You should address all first class letters as follows:


Student Name
Your residence hall Street Address + box #
Jane Doe
66 Morris Dr 123

Package only (use this address when placing online order or package coming from relative/friends)
Student Name
15 Pinecrest Dr
MANSFIELD PA 16933-1607


Residence Hall:

Hickory                    66 Morris Dr.

Oak                          64 Morris Dr.

Spruce                     125 Clinton St.

Sycamore               50 Morris Dr

Zip + 4 for each residence hall

Oak, Hickory and Sycamore: 16933-1327

Spruce: 16933-1245


NOTE: Delays in delivery can occur if the name or address is incorrect or incomplete.• 


Packages will be held for 15 days before being returned. A second notification will be emailed five days prior to return of the package

 Mail Services cannot be responsible for breakage of fragile objects, delays in delivery by the USPS, illegal or unlawful contents or freshness of perishable material.• 

In the case where a student receives a Postage Due slip, the student must go to the local Mansfield Post Office at 120 S Main St to pay the postage due before the item will be released.