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Licensure and Certification Information

While some of Mansfield University's professional degree programs are designed to prepare students to meet Pennsylvania's licensure or certification requirements, these programs are not necessarily compatible with licensure or certification requirements in other states. Students who plan to enroll in Mansfield's degree programs with the intent to pursue licensure or certification in states other than Pennsylvania must be aware of the professional licensure requirements in those states. Current students who are planning to undertake field experiences outside of Pennsylvania should also be aware the requirements of other states. Consistent with federal regulations, Mansfield is making a good faith effort to determine if our academic programs leading to licensure or certification meet the requirements of licensing boards in other states. Doing so requires contacting out-of-state licensing boards and having those boards review Mansfield's program curricula. As information from the out-of-state licensure boards is received, it will be posted on the University Licensure and Certification page.