Introduction: The Fighting Mountaineers

Introduction: The Fighting Mountaineers

One of the most recognizable symbols of Mansfield University is the Mountaineers mascot. He is often portrayed as an independent and self-reliant individual clad in furs and carrying a musket. He is ready an able to take on any foe, man or beast.

Over the years, the Mansfield University sports teams, known as the Mountaineers, have known their share of success over the years. Several Mountaineers have even gone on to professional sports careers. The story of the Mountaineer, however, comes from the battlefield, rather than the sporting arena.

While the early settlers of Mann’s Field certainly were mountaineers, the origins of the Mountaineer lies with the Ladies’ Aid Society, which operated during the American Civil War.

Most of the information in this article was provided by the book Tioga Mountaineers by Chester Bailey, Mansfield historian and former owner of the Mansfield Advertiser. Additional information came from the 101st Pa. Historical Society. The society credits Bailey’s book, along with several other sources. These sources, as well as Tri-Counties Genealogy and History by Joyce M. Tice, provide additional histories of the unit.

Note: These articles are about Co. B, 101st regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers. Mansfield also contributed soldiers to Co. C of the Pennsylvania 7th Calvary as well as the 149th Regiment, Co. A who earned the nickname “Bucktails.”