The famed Tuskegee educator Booker T. Washington speaks at Mansfield Normal.

Mansfield  organizes it's first basketball team whose members played the first season wearing football pants.


August 22nd, Teddy Roosevelt becomes the first President to use an automobile.

Mansfield Normal moves to a three-year program from the two-year normal course, pushing the school closer to Collegiate Status.


August 30th, the first Nickelodeon movie is "The Great Train Robbery", produced and directed by Edward Stanton Porter of Connellsville.


The Pennsylvania State Police is formed, America's first such organization.

A fierce wind storm hits Mansfield and does tremendous damage in the area. The landmark Old Wind Mill at the top of Normal Hill is destroyed.


December Dr. Smith resigns his post as Principal of the Normal and Amos P. Reese, Math Professor, is appointed acting Principal.

The Mansfield Business Men's Association is organized.


Dr. William R. Straughn is elected the new Principal of the Normal.

The New Model School building is opened on Wilson Avenue.

Principal Straughn abolishes the four original Fraternities at the Normal in existence since 1894.

Mansfield Normal Football team takes Pennsylvania Normal title and the New York Normal title for a winning season.


Professor Joseph C. Doane passes away on April 15th. He was appointed acting Principal of the Normal School after the death of Professor Fordyce A. Allen in 1880.

Professor Doane was a graduate of the Class of 1868 and a long time professor at the school.

The Delphic Fraternity leaves a beautiful Marble Bench to the school in memory of the organization.


The first Student Government Association at the Normal is organized by the women of North Hall.

Armistice Day is the anniversary of the official end of World War I, November 11, 1918. It commemorates the armistice signed between the Allies and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front, which took effect at eleven o'clock in the morning — the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month." 


The men organize for self-government in South Hall at the Normal.


June 4, Mansfield State Normal School is granted the right to give four-year Collegiate degrees.


About 10 students receive their degrees at the June Commencement.

May 13, the name Mansfield Normal is officially changed to Mansfield State Teachers College.

The State condemns the Auditorium in Alumni Hall because it is on the third floor and presents a fire hazard. Graduations will be held in the 1886 Gymnasium until 1931.


An intercepted letter leads Lindbergh baby search to the Cross Trail Restaurant in Mansfield.


Dr. Straughn passes away while in office at the age of 54. He has held the office of principal and president 22 years, longer than anyone else. 

Dr. Arthur Belknap is appointed acting President of Mansfield State Teachers College.


Dr. Joseph F. Noonan is elected President of MSTC. MSTC wrestling team has undefeated season.


After a 12-game winning steak MSTC takes the State Championship in football.


Dr. Lester K. Ade is elected president of MSTC. The Lions Club in Mansfield was Chartered.


Dr. Willis E. Pratt is elected president of MSTC. 

December 7th, the United States enters into World War II as a result of the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese .

In this year the two student government organizations on the MSTC campus merge to form one Student Council.


Several hundred male students enter military service. Nurse training is initiated at MSTC.


Dr. Pratt enlists for military service overseas. Mr. James G. Morgan, faculty member, is appointed president.

Most of the sports are suspended at the college for the duration of the war.


World War II ends.


Post war sports begins at MSTC leading to two consecutive State Championships in football for 1946 and 1947 seasons.


The Second Seminary Building, later known as South Hall is razed to make way for a new and modern men's dormitory.


During the 1951-52 school year the Y.M.C.A and the Y.W.C.A. is merged to form the Student Christian Association.


Mansfield Ambulance Association is started. A 1953 Cadillac is purchased from the Wellsboro Ambulance Association for $4200.


Alumni Hall, the second of the old buildings, is being torn down to make way for a new and modern building.


The Public Mind Survey was created by now retired professors Dr. Gale Largey and Dr. Richard Fiel. Now called the Mansfield University State Survey, the annual study is conducted by students in the telephone survey class. The study is a highly respected study in the state government and media.


MU baseball team places second in the NCAA Division II World Series, the highest finish for a Northern team to date. The team also advanced to the series in 1993 and 1994.

Mansfield University and Mansfield Borough celebrated the first Fabulous 1890s celebration. The first night football game was the subject of an advertising campaign by GE that year.


The tradition of the Mountie Movers began this year with eight volunteers. Now dozens of volunteers help new and returning students move into the dorms the weekend before the beginning of class.


The newly renovated North Hall reopened for the fall semester. It holds the main, educational and music libraries as well as administrative office. The building received international attention for combining a state-of-the-art electronic library with a rich and stately Victorian environment. The university also received permission to keep the historic six-story atrium open.


The MU men’s basketball team was ranked 10th in the NCAA Division II Poll. They advanced to the semifinals of the Eastern Regional Tournament.

In July, MU hosted its first graduation ceremony for adults who earned their GEDs through the university.


Inaugural Joel Stephens Invitational Tournament


The university withdrew recognition of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity after allegations of hazing in April.

Jack Wilcox, retired music professor, received the Mansfield Chamber of Commerce’s Max Colegrove Citizen of the Year Award.

The MU men’s and women’s basketball team celebrated the 100th anniversary of the sport at Mansfield.