Provost's Letter to the Campus 2009

Provost's Letter to the Campus 2009

Dear Mansfield Colleagues:

There are few things more important to a university than its accreditation. Mansfield University is planning for its Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation self-study. While the report will not be completed until late 2011, and the accreditation visit will not take place until spring of 2012, we must begin the process of designing our study and collecting assessment data now.

I am very pleased to inform you that Dr. Kathy Wright, who directs our Nutrition Program, and Dr. Clarence Lienhard, who is a professor in our Department of Mathematics and Computer Information Science, have agreed to be co-chairs of our self-study process. I am sharing the information that follows on their behalf.

Middle States requires a self-study design document and self-study design visit from our Middle States liaison, which will occur in May of this year. The self-study design document is a detailed outline of how Mansfield University plans to complete the self-study. It includes a description of Mansfield University, the model that will guide the self-study, the timeline for completing the process, and research questions for addressing Middle States’ fourteen standards. The self-study design visit will follow the submission of the self-study design document. Only after receiving approval of the self-study design, can Mansfield University actually begin working on the self-study.

Prior to the Middle States self-study design visit this May, much has to be accomplished. We want to share the timeline with you so you can help with this process. The following is a brief overview of the timeline:

  • Late fall 2009
    • Choose a steering committee with broad representation from the different campus constituencies to oversee the process.
  • Spring 2010
    • Decide on a self-study model to guide the accreditation process
    • Decide what working groups or subcommittees are needed to examine existing data, gather new data, and prepare reports on topics related to the self-study model
    • Develop charge questions to guide the working groups
    • Finalize the draft of the self-study design
  • Fall 2010
    • Host a self-study preparation visit conducted by Middle States
    • Receive Middle States approval of our self-study design
    • Begin working on our self-study
  • Spring 2011
    • Continue working on the self-study
  • Fall 2011
    • The campus reviews a draft of the self-study
  • Spring 2012
    • Middle States Team visit to the campus

Your input will be sought by a variety of means at all points in this process. Your participation gives you the opportunity to learn more about Mansfield University and to help shape our future. Your contributions are necessary for success so please give generously of your time and talents if you are asked. 

Peter A. Keller, PhD
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs